Not being a photography professional, I am so grateful to the social media. Indeed, thanks to Instagram, a nice working girl contacted me to take some pictures of her beautiful saloon for its opening. She saw my pictures and told me she wanted me to work for her.

I was a bit nervous because it was my first time taking pictures for someone else than myself. But, this day was truly a very enriching time. I really want to thank this girl who trusted in my passion. The beauty salon is kind of sweet, it’s a really cosy place to take care of yourself. They used products which respect your skin but also the environment. You feel like a princess when you arrive in this beautiful institute and you can take a great moment for yourself. In those pictures you will see this cosy place with the different rooms for each treatment. The event was as well as the institute, simply soft and pleasant.

Beauty institue autempspoursoi.com

All rights reserved @Megane Delhaie | Photography